Still hassled by those awful bike thieves?

With our 0.9″ Diameter 5-digit combination bike lock, the bike theft will must be tired out. It’s a nice choice for all of you!

YIHATA is a professional enterprise focusing on the design, and distribution of strong anti-theft bicycle security
equipment. We are constantly growing our catalog to offer you a wealth of fresh ideas and new products.

Advantages of Our Bike Lock

0.9″ / 22mm Diameter of our bike lock is much thicker than 0.5″/ 12mm in the market, strong enough to withstand 4KN
tension and 10KN shear force.
4 FT / 120 cm is long enough to lock 4 to 6 bikes together; 0.9″ Diameter cable is thick enough to resists
cutting and sawing for providing maximum security against theft.
Compared with 4-digit combination lock, our 5-digit combination bike lock is much safer, making this lock impossible
to crack, and more you don’t need to worry about losing keys or forgeting to carry it.
Thick Military grade braided steel cable for strong cut resistance.
Protective vinyl coating is weather proof and will not scratch your bike or scooter.
Self-coiling for easy storage and carry.
Ideal for indoor and outdoor use, such as for locking Gates & fences, grills & lawnmowers, tools, tool boxes & ladders,
skateboards, sports equipment and any other valuables
The Security Cable Lock is backed by manufacturer 1 years warranty.


Cable dimension: 4 FT long / 22mm diameter
Weight: approx. 840 gram /1.85lbs
Protective vinyl cover in clear, matte black color options
Package Includes:
1 x Cable Lock
1 x Cable Lock Bag

Safety Tips: Never leave your bike locked outside for long periods of time. Especially in high crime areas.
No bike lock is 100% secure

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