If you are looking for a scooter that is tough enough, fast enough and has the endurance for every day travel,then QIEWA Q1hummer is right for you!
Scooter Weight : 55lbs
Max Loading Weight : 550lbs
Drive Speed: 3 adjustable drive speed 12/25/37MPH
Electric Instrument Gauge: YES
Handle Bar: Quick adjustable range from 38in-48in
Brake: Dual disk brake for stable braking
Suspension: Dual shock for smoother ride
Foldable : 2s quick-folding
Light: Headlight +Side light +Tail braking light
Tire: 10′ pneumatic tire
Remote control: Yes remote key fob included for anti-theft and lock/unlock
USB Port: Yes can charge phones
Horn: Yes
Kick Stand: Yes
Mud Flap:Yes
Waterproof: IP66 ie.can drive in the rain but could not be soaked in water
Battery information :26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery
Charging time :8-12 hours
Package Dimension: 46*11*20 inch
Road System requirement : adapting to the roads of different terrains such as flat road and hills.Max climbing 30 degrees.
Seat: NOT included but could be bought and installed easily
Package list :
1 scooter (already installed)
1 charger
1 user manual
1 key fob
Warranty: 12 months worry free warranty
User Manual:https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/C19YpTRgIgS.pdf

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3 Comments on QIEWA Q1Hummer 800Watts 37MPH Electric Scooter with Dual Disk Brakes Max Driving Range Up to 68 Miles,550lbs Max Load Weight

  1. Death Trap, someone is going to get killed on one of these. So, I purchased this scooter after purchasing a scooter with much less capacity and power. First off, the power is great, and seems built well. However there is a HUGE design flaw. I’m a big guy (one of the reasons I got this) at almost 300lbs. When going full speed and letting off the accelerator when my body and weight shifts forward the front tire rubs the fender wheel well. The other day I was crossing a street, I hit a pothole and recovered but the front wheel then locked up (because I…

  2. Great ride I’m pretty happy with my scooter. I weigh just over 200lbs and I get the scooter up to 30-32 mph, which I verified by driving by one of those signs that tell you your speed. It goes up very steep hills, but it slows down considerably, which is expected. The brakes, and shocks are great also.What I’m not crazy about is the handlebar stem, which jiggles, regardless of how tight the clamp is tightened. The front LED lamps should be brighter, the horn should be much louder, and it needs…

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