GROTTICO Toddler-Kids Knee-Elbow-Pads Wrist-Guards for Skate-Skateboard-Bike-Scooter-BMX – 3-8 Years Old Protective Gear Set

GROTTICO is a registered brand, which we devote to develop sport protective equipment.
Our goal is to provide safety, happiness, and comfort for you or your kids during outdoor activities.

The upgraded kid protective gear set with wrist guards, knee pads and elbow pads will provide
children the best sports experiences!

One size is suitable for 3-8 years old and body weight between 55-88 pounds (25-40kg) kids.

This knee pads and elbow pads for kids is specially designed to offer you perfect protection for
cycling and scooter. And wearing the wrist guards you will do better at skateboard, rollerblade, skate.

Packing Content:

2 x Knee Pads
2 x Elbow Pads
2 x Wrist Guards
1 x User Guide
1 x Package Bag

Come on! Take action! You will get what you see!

GROTTICO TEAM will always with you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any question.

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KAMUGO Kids Bike Helmet, Toddler Helmet for Ages 3-8 Boys Girls with Sports Protective Gear Set Knee Elbow Wrist Pads for Skateboard Cycling Scooter Rollerblading, CPSC Certified

Skateboard Roller Blading Elbow Knee Wrist Protective Pad This protective gear set is specially designed to offer you perfect protection for skateboard, roller blading, riding a scooter, bicycle and many other outdoor sports. Specifications: High hardness PVC shell, thickened soft sponge, comfortable and durable. Color: blue green. Suitable for: 3-15 years old(Depending on the child’s weight and age) Suitable Sports: Skateboard Skateboarding Roller Rollerblade Bicycle Ride Bike Cycling BMX bike Outdoor activities Other extreme sports Package Includes: 2 x Elbow pad 2 x Knee pad 2 x Wrist pad 1 x helmet

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