GD GRIP DIVISION – ADVANCED GRIP SOLUTIONS Kids Bike Grips with Impact Protection

Kids bicycle handlebar grips from Grip Division are made of high quality and durable Kraton rubber to provide maximum comfort and support for smaller hands. The soft rubber compound and slats on the lamellar grip surface allow for hours of riding and an anti-slip grip, even when wet.

The large-area, flexible, three-layer flex bumpers on the ends of these kids handlebar grips offer extra protection against injuries if your child should ever fall on the handlebars.

Technical Details

  • Material: High performance elastomer Kraton rubber
  • Grip surface: Lamellar
  • Length: 100.0mm
  • Outer Diameter: 43.0mm
  • Inner DIameter: Fits bars from 22.0mm to 22.2mm

Installation Tips: To make installing your new grips easier, follow these steps:

  1. Clean the handlebar surface and remove any dirt or greasy residue
  2. Spray a little bit of hair spray into the inside of the grip and slide the grips quickly onto the handlebars. Dish soap can also be used if hair spray is not available
  3. Once the spray or soap has dried, the grips will remain securely in place

Note: Some kids scooters have a smaller handlebar diameter than 22.0mm. Be sure to measure and confirm that your handlebars outer diameter is 22.0 or 22.2mm before buying. Only if this measure matches can a perfect fit of the grips be guaranteed.

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