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Various Other Gas Scooters Can Be Found Here…

49cc 2 stroke Gas Scooter Engine With Racing Air Filter for ScooterX EVO Pep Boys Zoom Bicycle Motorized DIY

The engine with built-in square exhaust muffler, centrifugal clutch and gearbox. The kit comes with 3 pieces of output sprockets (14,17 and 20 teeth )fit T8F BF05T 8mm pitch chains. Offers you more ratio and speed choices.

Fit Majority of gas scooters, some pocket bikes, and mini choppers, Mini Quad Kid ATV. Always wanted to finish that project but couldn’t find a small compact, but powerful motor? Your gas scooter engine has blown/passed on but you don’t want to spend hundreds on rebuilding or buying a brand new bike? Wanting to upgrade that slow and old 43cc engine to a new and larger capacity 49cc engine to blow away the competition?Want to beat the bidding rush and have this engine in your hands as soon as possible?

Then this engine is what you need!


49cc single cylinder, air-cooled, 2-stroke gasoline scooter engine
Fuel: 25:1 gasoline / engine oil mix
Piston Diameter:44mm
Gear Box Reduction Rate: 3.55 : 1(with 20T sprocket)
Output Sprocket Rotation: Anti-clock (when you face the gear box)
Start Way: pull start
Cooling: Air forced cooling
Sprocket Size: 14,17 and 20 teeth fit T8F BF05T 8mm pitch chains
Spark Plug Size: BM6A
Max Power: 1.5kw/7000rpm
Bottom Mounting Brackets: 3-7/8 Inch or 98mm
Top Through Hole Diameter M.B.: 0.161 Inch
Bottom Through Hole Diameter M.B.: 0.245 Inch
Exhaust Diameter: 0.589 Inch
Connector: 2 Pin
Length: 11-13/16 Inch or 30cm
Width: 12-3/16 Inch or 31cm
Height: 7-7/8 Inch or 20cm
Clutch Mounting Hole Distance: 2-7/8 Inch or 73mm
Clutch Mounting Hole Diameter: 5/16 Inch
Clutch Pad: 2 Shoe
Carburetor Hole Diameter: 0.213″
Pull Start Mounting Hole Distance:2-7/8 Inch or 73mm
Weight: 4.5KG

Package Includes:
1 x 49cc engine with air filter
1 x 14t sprocket
1 x 17t sprocket
1 x 20t sprocket

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