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VEVOR Electric Motor 48V 750W DC Motor 600 RPM Rated Speed Brushless Motor with Controller Suitable for DIY Tricycle E-bikes Electric Scooters

Product Description

This is a set of reliable universal 48V DC 750W brushless electric motor with controller. 14 Tooth gear for # 420 chain, 600 RPM rated speed.


This motor compatible with many 48V bikes with up to 750W motors. Suitable for DIY tricycle, E-bikes, electric scooters. Compatible with many other electric scooter makes and models. Medium size tricycle, bicycle, E-scooter and all other similar brushless.

Controller Wiring

This controller can connects to:


Motor (3 cables, power)

Motor (5 cables, hall effect)


Normal or Half Speed switch

Power lock switch

Brake switch

Reverse switch

Voltage indicator

Speed signal

Throttle (hall effect throttle)

Pedal assist


A set of reliable universal brushless electric motor

48V DC 750W with controller

600 RPM rated speed

14 Tooth gear for # 420 chain

Electric scooter brushless motor

Chain drive electric scooter motor

Reduction permanent magnet motor

Suitable for DIY tricycle, E-bikes, electric scooters

Compatible with many 48V bikes with up to 750W motors


Product: Motor + controller

Application: Small and medium size E-Tricycle


Rated voltage: 48V DC

Output: 750W

Rated current: 20A

No load current: ≤5.0A

Rated speed: 600 RPM

No load speed: 3100RPM

Gear ratio: 6:1

Drive sprocket: 420-14T

Rated torque: 2.56 N.m

Efficiency: ≥75%


Matching motor: 48V 750W

Rated voltage: 48V DC

Under Voltage Protection: 42±0.5 V

Speed regulator (throttle): 1-4 V

Package Content

1 x Brushless Motor 48V 750W

1 x Controller

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BestEquip 1600W 48V Electric Brushless DC Motor 3900RPM 42A Brushless Motor for Go Karts E-Bike Electric Throttle Motorcycle Scooter and More

Electric Brushless Motor 48V DC 1600W Electric Bike Motor 3900 RPM

Our Brand New electronic brushless motor comes with a lightweight body yet considerable & stable power output, offering excellent efficiency, controllability, and longevity. It is quite suitable for golf carts and mobility carts, electric car, electric motorcycle, etc.

High-Powered Motor
Strong Motivation
Positive & Negative Rotation
Free Wrenches+Screw Set

key Features

1600W Brushless Motor

Powerful and Ultra-efficient with an output of 1600W yet brushless motors without noise and weight of brushed motors.

Pure Copper Coils

The High conductivity of copper means that components can be made smaller and kept closer together, offering more stability.

3900 PRM High Speed

Strong Motivation, reaching a high speed of 3900 RPM,sturdy and durable.

Dual-Direction Design

Being capable of rotation in either the clockwise or counterclockwise direction by reversing the scooter motor’s power wires.

Free Wrenches & Screw Set

Two wrenches and one screw set FREE for your easy operation and replacement.

Wide Application

Suitable for Electric car, electric motorcycle, electric tricycle, electric golf carts, forklift, electric boat, etc.
Type: Brushless DC Motor
Shell Material: Aluminum
Voltage: 48V DC
Output: 1600 W
Rated Current: 42 A
Speed: 3900 RPM
Sprocket Wheel: TF8
Motor Size: 9 inches x 6 inches x 7 inches
Package Content
1 x 48V Brushless Motor
1 x L-Shaped Wrench
1 x Multi-purpose Wrench
1 x Screw Set

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ECEEN LED Flashing Vest and Cycling Stop Light – Double Visible Front and Rear Jacket – Cordless and Rechargeable – Ideal for Bikes and Electric Scooters – Adaptable to Backpack (Green)

The Safe Led Signal Pack has Widely Application:
Bicycle Backpack with Lamp Security LED Turn Signals great fit for outdoor activities.
– Running, cycling, dog-walking, jogging, car safety, motorcycling and horse riding and other activities.
– It’s the safest option for visibility when traveling roadside day or night.
– Also great for road side construction workers, tow truck drivers, traffic directors and parking attendant etc.
– It is a Amazing gift!
Get one for the cyclist or jogger you want to keep safe!

Keep You Safe on the Road
Be visible from far away and easily spotted in front and behind, especially in poor light conditions through the integrated LEDs in the back. Switch between different Signals by pressing the button on your handle bar.

Clear Stearing Indication
This Turn Signal Reflective Vest provides a number of Signals to alert Drivers on the road what you are about to do: Move forward, left, right, or stop.

Adjustable and Easy to Wear
The elastic buckle allows you an easy up and down and quick release. The LED Turn Signal Vest is fully waterproof and will Keep you protected both day and night. You will find it an indispensable addition to any run or bike ride.

Quick Installation of the Wireless Remote Control
Activate all the Lights of the vest wirelessly from the handle bar of your bike. It is easy to attach to the handle bar or wherever is convenient. The remote operating distance is 120 Inches.

Material: Poly and EVA
Color: Green/ Dark Grey
Size: Approx. 10.0″*9.0″*0.9″

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